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Hair Analysis:

We can provide a catered plan according to your horses needs by doing a hair analysis. When a weakness is found, it is paired with a specific, strategically, selected blend of Herbs.

To proceed with a hair analysis, you will need to complete the following:


Cut a sample from the mane, or tail, (k9 you may cut sample from anywhere on the body, or do a mouth swab using a Q-tip) of about 20 strands, 4-5 inches long.


Place the sample in a small zip lock with the animals name, owners contact information, and a check for $50 (per sample) payable to Bekkie Bowerman. We will call you in a few days of receiving the sample. 

(no form of written report is provided) 

Mail the envelope to:

1358 S 2000 E
Gooding, ID 83330

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